June 2023

Brooklyn's 14 Best Psychiatrists: Your Essential Guide

Explore our meticulously curated selection of standout psychiatrists in Brooklyn. Discover a realm of mental health care that goes beyond the conventional.

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Navigating the Landscape of Brooklyn's Psychiatrists: Your Essential Guide

Navigating the world of mental health can often feel like traversing through uncharted territory. The process of finding the right psychiatrist and scheduling that first appointment can seem overwhelming. But remember, you're not alone in this journey, and there are accessible tools to help you manage your mental wellbeing at home, even before that first psychiatrist visit.

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Meet the 14 Top-Rated Psychiatrists in Brooklyn

While meditation can be a helpful tool, professional help is often necessary for managing mental health conditions. Fortunately, Brooklyn is home to a diverse range of highly-rated psychiatrists, each offering their unique expertise and approach to mental health care. Here's a look at 14 of the top-rated psychiatrists in Brooklyn, who are ready to help you navigate your mental wellbeing journey.

1. Dr. Alan Lawrence Rubin

Revered in the Brooklyn community, Dr. Alan Lawrence Rubin's psychiatric clinic embodies his lifelong commitment to mental health. His distinguished career, marked by a profound understanding of adult psychiatry, spans multiple decades. His empathetic consultations provide relief for patients dealing with diverse conditions, such as anxiety and mood disorders. The uniqueness of his practice lies in the blend of scientific knowledge and individual experiences, providing superior service. By maintaining his focus on professional growth, Dr. Rubin ensures up-to-date, evidence-based treatment for his patients.

2. Dr. Lizzet Ivone Garci

Prominent in the Brooklyn mental health scene, Dr. Lizzet Ivone Garci is renowned for her focus on child and adolescent psychiatry. She has fostered an environment of compassion and understanding where young individuals can find relief from their mental health struggles. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of pediatric psychiatry, she utilizes tailored strategies for this specific age group. Her ability to establish a connection with her patients and dedication to their wellness distinguish her in her field. Dr. Garci adeptly manages a diverse range of conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders, fulfilling a vital community need.

3. Dr. Aaron M. Pinkhasov

Dr. Aaron M. Pinkhasov's psychiatric clinic in Brooklyn is a sanctuary for those confronting mental health issues. His comprehensive knowledge in general psychiatry positions him as a dependable resource in the mental health sector. His clinical expertise, combined with a diverse range of treatable conditions, including mood disorders and substance abuse, allows for a flexible patient care approach. His clinic prioritizes the patient's individual experiences and needs. With a steadfast commitment, Dr. Pinkhasov ensures patients receive the necessary support for their journey.

4. Dr. Jeremy D. Coplan

As a cornerstone of Brooklyn's psychiatric services, Dr. Jeremy D. Coplan's clinic contributes considerable experience and wisdom to adult psychiatry. Specializing in anxiety and depressive disorders, Dr. Coplan's comprehensive services provide essential support for those confronting issues. His unique approach blends clinical proficiency with academic knowledge, offering an enriching experience for his patients. Dr. Coplan's dedication to understanding and relieving mental health distress is evident in his practice, making his services invaluable to his patients and the Brooklyn community.

5. Dr. Edward Gelber

Esteemed in child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Edward Gelber's clinic serves as a reassuring sanctuary for youngsters dealing with a wide range of psychological issues. Nestled in Brooklyn's center, it promotes a comforting atmosphere, prioritizing patient ease. Dr. Gelber's capabilities cover a broad array of states, from anxiety to behavioral disorders, facilitating all-encompassing care. His knack for forming connections and profound comprehension of pediatric mental health designates him as an essential pillar in Brooklyn's community.

6. Meir Spinner, MD

Renowned in Brooklyn's medical arena, Meir Spinner, MD, provides a respite for individuals navigating intricate paths to wellbeing. His proficiency encompasses the vast expanse of adult psychiatry, enabling nuanced care for diverse conditions like anxiety, mood disorders, and beyond. His clinic, nestled in Brooklyn's core, fosters a caring space for patients to feel understood and guided towards improved mental health. Dr. Spinner's patient-centric ethos and dedication to staying updated on psychiatric advancements ensure evidence-based, considerate care.

7. Ester Goldvarg, Ph.D.

Ester Goldvarg, Ph.D., holds a celebrated standing in Brooklyn's community. Concentrating on psychotherapy, she offers vital services to those wrestling with mental wellbeing dilemmas. Her profound grasp of human psychology enables her to provide care that probes the origins of mental health issues. Her clinic is a safe haven where patients feel secure, understood, and receive the necessary tools for their journey. The harmonious healing ambiance cultivated at her clinic manifests her dedication to patient wellbeing.

8. Inna Yuryev-Golger, M.D.

Dr. Inna Yuryev-Golger's psychiatric clinic in Brooklyn stands as a beacon of solace for those seeking assistance with their mental wellbeing. With profound knowledge of general psychiatry, she renders her proficiency in handling a plethora of mental health states, including anxiety and depressive disorders. Her clinic provides a supportive, understanding space, guiding patients through their mental health journey. Her dedication to individualized, evidence-based care enhances the nurturing ambiance of her practice.

9. Dr. Nasser Sedaghatpour, MD

Dr. Nasser Sedaghatpour's psychiatric clinic in Brooklyn is a vital aid for those contending with mental health issues. His broad experience in adult psychiatry enables him to provide personalized care for a multitude of conditions, including mood disorders and substance abuse. His clinic promotes a supportive atmosphere where patients feel recognized and listened to, significantly contributing to their journey. His firm dedication to keeping pace with psychiatric advancements ensures patients receive timely, evidence-based care.

10. Dr. Kalvin K Kapoor, MD

Providing an essential service in Brooklyn's community, Dr. Kalvin K Kapoor’s psychiatric practice is a haven for individuals grappling with mental wellbeing concerns. With an emphasis on adult psychiatry, Dr. Kapoor extends his care to a wide spectrum of conditions, including anxiety and mood disorders. His in-depth understanding of the intricacies of mental health, coupled with his dedication to his patients' wellbeing, ensure they receive compassionate, effective care. His dedication to incorporating the latest developments in psychiatry into his practice provides his patients with an evidence-based, updated approach to treatment.

11. Dr. Vsevolod Rudoy

Dr. Vsevolod Rudoy's psychiatric practice in Brooklyn offers a lifeline to those navigating the maze of mental health. His expertise in adult psychiatry, enriched by years of practice, allows him to provide a level of care that addresses a broad range of conditions including mood disorders, anxiety, and more. Dr. Rudoy's clinic offers a nurturing environment where patients are guided through their mental health journey. His commitment to providing thoughtful, evidence-based care, informed by the latest developments in psychiatry, contributes to the trusted status of his practice within the Brooklyn community.

12. North Brooklyn Psychiatry

An essential pillar in the mental health landscape of Brooklyn, North Brooklyn Psychiatry provides a range of services to those seeking help with a wide range of conditions. This practice offers an array of professionals who bring their diverse expertise to provide care for conditions including anxiety, mood disorders, and more. The clinic’s philosophy places the patient at the center of the treatment plan, creating an environment that supports their journey. North Brooklyn Psychiatry's dedication to providing thoughtful, individualized care makes it a trusted resource in the community.

13. David Salvage, M.D., FAPM

David Salvage, M.D., FAPM, stands as a towering figure in Brooklyn's mental health community. His expertise in addiction psychiatry provides a much-needed resource for those struggling with substance use disorders. Dr. Salvage's clinic offers a supportive space where individuals can confront their struggles with addiction. His commitment to providing compassionate, evidence-based care, informed by his deep understanding of addiction psychiatry, ensures patients receive the necessary support in their journey towards recovery.

14. Brooklyn Holistic Psychiatry

Brooklyn Holistic Psychiatry provides an innovative approach to mental health care. Their emphasis on a holistic approach to psychiatry distinguishes them from traditional practices. The clinic offers a range of services addressing various conditions, including mood disorders, anxiety, and more. Their commitment to considering the whole person in the treatment plan creates an environment that nurtures the overall wellbeing of their patients. The dedication to evidence-based, holistic care at Brooklyn Holistic Psychiatry makes it an essential resource in the Brooklyn community.


Navigating the labyrinth of mental health can feel daunting, but with these 14 psychiatrists in Brooklyn, you're not alone. Each practitioner brings their unique style, specialization, and expertise to the table, providing a diverse range of services and approaches. So, whether you're dealing with anxiety, mood disorders, or more complex issues, rest assured—Brooklyn's medical community is well-equipped to guide you on your journey toward improved wellbeing. The first step to recovery is reaching out, and these professionals are ready to help. After all, your mental wellbeing is a priority, not a luxury.

Relax with
visual meditation

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Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

30,000+ 5-star reviews

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