June 2023

Discover Tranquility: Top 21 Guided Meditation Apps for iPhone

Unlock tranquility with the best iPhone apps for guided meditation by learning more about the distinctive features of each enlightening app.

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Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

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Unearth Serenity – 21 Best Guided Meditation Apps for Your iPhone

In an era of ceaseless notifications and overwhelming schedules, finding a sanctuary of calm can feel like a Herculean task. But what if we told you the solution is nestled right within your iPhone?

We have compiled a list of the best-guided meditation apps, poised to guide you towards serenity, improve your sleep, and amplify your overall well-being. Each application, brimming with unique features and specializations, offers an enriching path to inner peace. So, let us all embark on this tranquil journey together!

1. Mesmerize

Discover a whole new world of tranquility with Mesmerize, your new favorite visual meditation app for finding inner peace and relaxation. 

Mesmerize combines captivating colors and stunning animations with soothing audio to create immersive experiences that allow your mind to unwind. These carefully crafted visual journeys are designed to help you de-stress, refocus, and bring balance to your busy life. 

With a wide range of customizable visual patterns and calming soundscapes, Mesmerize is tailored to your unique preferences, making meditation more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

Achieve mindfulness, boost your creativity, get better sleep, improve your mental well-being, and more with this easy-to-use app. Whether you're a meditation newbie or a seasoned zen master, Mesmerize offers an engaging, personalized experience for everyone.

Join the growing community of happy users who have found their zen with Mesmerize. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download and unlock a world of tranquility today.

2. Headspace

Headspace is a personal guide to mindfulness and stress reduction. Offering hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress to sleep, it caters to users at various stages of their meditation journey. Its tailored programs address a multitude of life challenges, making mindfulness an accessible solution for everyone.

3. Calm

Calm serves as a tranquil oasis, enabling users to manage stress and improve sleep. With offerings extending beyond guided meditations to include sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and calming music, Calm has successfully carved its niche as a versatile relaxation platform.

4. Insight Timer

Insight Timer focuses on creating a community of meditators. With thousands of free guided meditations across various themes like self-love, nature, and affirmations, it nurtures a sense of global unity. Its unique community features, including group meditations, foster connectivity amongst its users.

5. Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier provides a skeptic-friendly approach to meditation. It offers a wide range of guided meditations and video lessons. A standout feature is the option for direct access to experienced meditation coaches for personalized guidance, making meditation understandable and approachable for everyone.

6. The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is a comprehensive platform that offers a broad selection of meditations, from guided sessions to silent meditations with bell prompts. It encourages consistency in meditation practice with personalized reminders, thereby ensuring mindfulness becomes a staple in the user's daily routine.

7. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a unique not-for-profit initiative that offers a range of meditations tailored to different age groups. Its programs, designed to foster mental health across various settings, including schools, workplaces, and homes, are particularly noteworthy for their sessions designed for children and teenagers.

8. Breethe

Breethe is a comprehensive wellness app that goes beyond guided meditations. It features sleep music playlists, hypnotherapy sessions, and lifestyle guidance. Its unique Masterclasses, taught by internationally recognized experts, offer users a holistic approach to wellness.

9. Sattva

Sattva draws from the wisdom of ancient meditation practices to offer a unique meditation experience. The app provides guided meditations, mantras, chants, and music, along with a meditation timer. Its mood tracker feature allows users to track their emotional well-being over time.

10. Simple Habit

Simple Habit is designed for busy individuals seeking to incorporate mindfulness into their routine. Its short, five-minute meditation sessions make it an ideal choice for professionals, frequent travelers, or anyone juggling a busy schedule. This app makes meditation a simple habit, no matter how bustling your lifestyle may be.

11. Journey Meditation

Journey Meditation is an app that offers live meditation classes hosted by experienced teachers, making it possible to bring the benefits of a meditation studio into your home. The app also offers on-demand sessions for when you want to meditate at your own pace, making it a great balance of guided and independent meditation practice.

12. 1 Giant Mind

1 Giant Mind simplifies the practice of meditation. It offers a 12-step 'Learn Meditation' course that demystifies meditation, making it an accessible habit for anyone, regardless of their level of experience or familiarity with meditation practices.

13. Aura

Aura provides personalized meditation experiences driven by artificial intelligence. The app learns from the user's emotional state and preferences to tailor meditation sessions accordingly. With quick, three-minute sessions, Aura is ideal for users seeking to fit mindfulness into their busy schedules.

14. Waking Up

Waking Up, created by philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, guides users towards understanding their mind. Combining insightful lessons with practical meditations, this app provides a comprehensive path to mental clarity and a deeper understanding of oneself.

15. Unplug

Unplug is a meditation app that brings the experience of a physical meditation studio to your smartphone. It offers a multitude of meditations led by expert teachers, catering to a wide range of preferences and promoting diversity in meditation instruction.

16. Shine

Shine is a self-care app that encourages personal growth. It delivers daily motivational texts, audio self-improvement tracks, and personalized meditations that help users manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, and increase productivity.

17. MindFi

MindFi encourages mindfulness in everyday life with its 'Mindful Moments.' These short activities inspire users to take mindful breaks during their day. Additional features like a digital journal and mood tracker facilitate reflection and understanding of one's emotional well-being.

18. Deep Meditate

Deep Meditate is a meditation app that focuses on reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing focus. Its broad selection of meditations, affirmations, and music are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced meditators. With added features like a mood tracker and a meditation streak counter, Deep Meditate makes the practice of mindfulness a rewarding experience.

19. Omvana

Omvana brings an extensive library of meditation sessions right to your fingertips. This platform stands out with its selection of meditations, music, and inspirational speeches provided by some of the greatest spiritual leaders, authors, and life coaches of our time. Omvana caters to various moods and life challenges, making it a versatile tool in your mindfulness journey.

20. Whil

Whil provides goal-based digital mindfulness training. The app targets various aspects of wellness, including stress resilience, improved performance, relationship building, and sleep enhancement. Whil's strength lies in its scientific approach to mindfulness, making it a go-to for those seeking measurable personal development.

21. Aware

Aware guides users through the journey of mindfulness with its foundational course that helps users understand the principles of mindfulness. The app offers a variety of guided meditations for different life situations and moods, making it a versatile tool for emotional well-being.


In the realm of iPhone meditation apps, Mesmerize truly emerges as a beacon of tranquility. It's not just about calming your mind; it's about embracing a more mindful lifestyle. Now, it is your turn to tap into these fabulous tools and let your iPhone transform into your personal mindfulness guru. With Mesmerize leading your journey, may your path to serenity be just a breath away. Ready to embrace the calm?

Relax with
visual meditation

Download Now
Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

30,000+ 5-star reviews

Better than Headspace!

I canceled my subscription with Headspace and I now pay for Mesmerize instead. I was hooked after the free trial! I love how customizable the sounds, meditations, and visuals are! Using this app has honestly become my favorite part of my day! ☺️ It helps me relax, meditate, visualize, sleep, and it does wonders for my anxiety/phobia/ocd tendencies. Thank you Mesmerize for giving us this amazing mental health tool! I told my therapist about this app and have been telling all my friends too. It’s just so helpful!

- swayedstars

The Art of Zen

This is the second or third app in the mindfulness and meditation realm, and it’s the most scientific approach I have found. I have found these combinations of open monitoring, and focused attention meditation techniques are the most viable for those suffering from more severe forms of sleep, pain, and anxiety dysfunction one may be suffering from. Many of these approaches are used by professionals in a cognitive behavioral therapy setting. A truly complete approach in mindfulness and meditation.

- pastduebeautyqueen


I suffer from clinical depression and sometimes I get into a bad headspace but this app has really helped me whenever I’m in a bad mood I turn on the app listen to some person taking about breathing and look at cool figures on my phone and it makes me feel so much better I would highly recommend this app it’s worth the money

- man17491

Love it

It didn’t take but five minutes of using this app to buy a yearly subscription. Worth it on so many levels. Easy to manipulate to what I like. Massive library of music, videos, etc.

- NMMI Cadet Mom


Uniquely hypnotic visuals that clear your mind
Meditations for sleep, anxiety, depression and more
Soothing psycho-acoustic music to help you relax
Visual Breathing mode that helps you meditate
Sleepy stories designed to help you doze off quickly
Sleep timer, visualisation speed control and more

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