June 2023

Find Serenity: LA's 15 Best Meditation Classes

Explore a compilation of LA's most distinct meditation classes. Venture beyond the ordinary and delve into the world of mindfullness in the heart of the city.

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Discover the Vibrant Spectrum of Meditation Classes in Los Angeles

In the pulsating heart of Los Angeles lies a hidden trove of tranquility: a selection of meditation classes that offer a world of serenity amidst the urban bustle. This isn't just about achieving calmness; it's about embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Unearth a plethora of these distinct classes, each bringing its own flavor to the timeless art. Whether you're a beginner tentatively stepping onto this path or a seasoned practitioner seeking novel experiences, you'll find a class that resonates with your rhythm. Let's delve into LA's thriving meditation scene, navigating through the eclectic mix of traditional and modern, structured and freestyle, silent and guided. Time to unlock the door to inner peace right here in the city of angels.

1. Mesmerize

Discover a whole new world of tranquility with Mesmerize, your new favorite visual meditation app for finding inner peace and relaxation. 

Mesmerize combines captivating colors and stunning animations with soothing audio to create immersive experiences that allow your mind to unwind. These carefully crafted visual journeys are designed to help you de-stress, refocus, and bring balance to your busy life. 

With a wide range of customizable visual patterns and calming soundscapes, Mesmerize is tailored to your unique preferences, making meditation more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

Achieve mindfulness, boost your creativity, get better sleep, improve your mental well-being, and more with this easy-to-use app. Whether you're a meditation newbie or a seasoned zen master, Mesmerize offers an engaging, personalized experience for everyone.

Join the growing community of happy users who have found their zen with Mesmerize. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download and unlock a world of tranquility today.

2.  Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Garden

Perched atop Mount Washington, the Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Garden offers a serene escape from the bustling city below. This garden is a testament to the belief that nature can serve as an ideal setting for contemplative practices. Here, meditation is a journey of self-discovery, a path towards understanding the true nature of the self. Their sessions are designed to guide participants towards releasing burdensome thoughts and emotions, leading to a clearer, more harmonious state of mind. This garden is a haven where introspection and self-awareness can flourish amidst nature's beauty.

3. Shambhala Meditation Center

Nestled in Glendale, Shambhala Meditation Center is a beacon of calm amidst the urban whirl. This center embodies the teachings of the Shambhala tradition, focusing on cultivating gentleness, bravery, and genuine expression of personal power. Their practice is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses the basic goodness and wisdom to lead a fulfilled life. Through their sessions, they aim to awaken this innate wisdom, allowing participants to connect more deeply with themselves and the world around them, thus fostering a harmonious way of living.

4. Metta Meditation Center

Situated in Glendale, the Metta Meditation Center is an oasis in the city, fostering an environment conducive to introspective practices. Here, the teachings of Metta or loving-kindness form the bedrock of their sessions. The center provides a variety of classes to guide participants in cultivating an attitude of loving-kindness towards themselves and others. This practice aims to alleviate mental burdens and create a sense of balance and harmony within the individual. By exploring the depths of Metta meditation, one can experience the joy of genuine compassion and self-acceptance.

5. Happy Science Los Angeles

Happy Science Los Angeles offers a unique approach to meditation, integrating spiritual wisdom with modern life. They provide a platform for individuals to delve into the teachings of Ryuho Okawa, aiming to illuminate the path towards happiness and enlightenment. Their classes are designed to foster positivity, resilience, and a deeper understanding of life and its purpose. By creating a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary reality, Happy Science Los Angeles offers a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility and spiritual growth in the heart of the city.

6. The Sound Bath Centre LA

In the heart of Los Angeles, The Sound Bath Centre LA offers a uniquely sensory experience. They specialize in sound bath sessions, where participants are immersed in a sea of soothing sound waves generated by instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, and chimes. These sound frequencies are designed to induce a profound state of relaxation, creating an environment that facilitates the exploration of self-awareness. This alternative approach, using sound as a pathway to a calm mind, offers a refreshing deviation from traditional practices, catering to individuals seeking a novel sensory experience.

7. Angel City Zen Center

Nestled in Echo Park, Angel City Zen Center provides a serene space for meditation amidst the urban rush of LA. The center offers a harmonious blend of Zen teachings and practices, aligning them with the realities of urban life. Regular sessions, insightful dharma talks, and immersive retreats illuminate the principles of Zen, guiding individuals towards cultivating a profound sense of self-awareness. The center's prime location amidst the city chaos allows participants to truly experience Zen's essence, which is finding peace amidst chaos, a lesson invaluable in today's fast-paced world.

8. Kadampa Meditation Center

In the heart of Los Feliz resides the Kadampa Meditation Center, a serene haven where individuals can immerse themselves in the teachings and practices of Kadampa Buddhism. The center's core philosophy emphasizes the transformative power of compassion and wisdom in shaping one's life. It offers a plethora of classes, each designed to provide insightful guidance on how to apply these principles to everyday challenges. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a novice to the practice, the center's teachings aim to foster balance, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself. Kadampa Meditation Center serves as a tranquil retreat, providing practical tools for leading a harmonious life amidst the urban hustle.

9. The Hsi Lai Temple

With its sprawling Buddhist complex, the Hsi Lai Temple transcends beyond being just a temple. It serves as an enclave of tranquility, facilitating a unique cultural and spiritual journey for its visitors. Here, the serene ambiance sets the stage for profound sessions that are beautifully complemented by Buddhist teachings. These sessions are designed to facilitate introspection and self-reflection, aiding individuals in achieving a deeper understanding of their minds. The Hsi Lai Temple fosters a calming environment that enables visitors to navigate the complexities of their consciousness, offering an enriching path towards self-discovery in the bustling cityscape of Los Angeles.

10. Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Tucked away in Jefferson Park, the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens offers a unique setting for meditation. This place is more than a garden; it's a journey into the realms of self-understanding and reflection. Walking the labyrinth or sitting in the beautiful gardens, individuals can practice and connect deeply with themselves and their surroundings. The environment fosters a sense of connection, aiding individuals in releasing stress and gaining clarity of thought. Here, meditation is viewed as a path towards experiencing the unity of all things, creating a space for balance and harmony to flourish.

11. Unplug

Unplug, an oasis in the heart of LA, provides a new take on traditional mindfulness practice. With a broad selection of classes that embrace varied techniques from around the globe, Unplug caters to all, from novices to seasoned practitioners. Here, awareness is transformed into an accessible, relatable experience, while still maintaining its profound essence. Whether you're seeking a momentary escape from the bustle of city life or a long-term practice to navigate life's turbulence, Unplug's classes are crafted to equip you with the tools for balance. It's a modern, welcoming space where tranquility meets contemporary life.

12. Hancock Park Meditation

Hancock Park Meditation is a tranquil urban retreat that offers a refuge from the city's relentless pace. This center provides guidance on practices that enhance clarity of mind, manage stress, and promote overall well-being. Here, the emphasis is not just on the practice itself but also on its practical applications in daily life. With a variety of classes available, each individual is welcomed to find a practice that resonates with them, be it for relaxation or personal growth. Hancock Park Meditation transcends being just a center; it's a serene haven dedicated to promoting self-discovery, balance, and personal growth in the heart of Los Angeles.

13. Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

At Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, wellness is a holistic journey, harmoniously blending physical and mental well-being. Their unique approach merges the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, and meditation into a comprehensive practice. Here, classes are not merely about flexibility and strength, but a deeper exploration of the connection between body and mind. They believe in the power of balance and its transformative effect on overall health. Each session is designed to guide participants towards this balance, fostering an understanding of their inner selves while promoting physical fitness. The result is a haven of tranquility and holistic wellness.

14. Hollywood Sunset Meditation by Meditation Town

Hollywood Sunset Meditation by Meditation Town offers a unique approach to meditation, incorporating visual elements to enhance the experience. Their classes are designed to facilitate relaxation and mental clarity by guiding participants through a variety of visual sessions. The studio's calming environment, combined with the use of engaging visuals, provides a refreshing and accessible approach to mindfullness. Their philosophy emphasizes the power of the mind, and through their practice, they aim to help participants explore their potential for happiness.

15. The DEN Meditation

The DEN Meditation serves as a sanctuary in the cityscape of LA, a home for the exploration of diverse practices. Their classes incorporate an array of techniques drawn from different traditions, creating an eclectic mix that suits all levels of practitioners. The DEN Meditation emphasizes the practicality of awareness in daily life, offering tools that foster balance and inner peace amidst the city's fast pace. With its spiritual environment and a variety of classes, it provides a comprehensive platform to explore meditation's depth, enabling individuals to carve their unique paths towards self-discovery.


In the pulsating heartbeat of Los Angeles, a myriad of spaces awaits, offering an escape into tranquility. These studios, each with its unique philosophy and approach, promise a sanctuary from the city's constant rhythm. Whether you're drawn to the traditional teachings of Zen or the sensory journey of a sound bath, there's a meditation class tailored just for you. Embark on this journey of introspection and self-discovery, and unlock the doorway to inner peace right in the heart of LA.

Relax with
visual meditation

Download Now
Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

30,000+ 5-star reviews

Better than Headspace!

I canceled my subscription with Headspace and I now pay for Mesmerize instead. I was hooked after the free trial! I love how customizable the sounds, meditations, and visuals are! Using this app has honestly become my favorite part of my day! ☺️ It helps me relax, meditate, visualize, sleep, and it does wonders for my anxiety/phobia/ocd tendencies. Thank you Mesmerize for giving us this amazing mental health tool! I told my therapist about this app and have been telling all my friends too. It’s just so helpful!

- swayedstars

The Art of Zen

This is the second or third app in the mindfulness and meditation realm, and it’s the most scientific approach I have found. I have found these combinations of open monitoring, and focused attention meditation techniques are the most viable for those suffering from more severe forms of sleep, pain, and anxiety dysfunction one may be suffering from. Many of these approaches are used by professionals in a cognitive behavioral therapy setting. A truly complete approach in mindfulness and meditation.

- pastduebeautyqueen


I suffer from clinical depression and sometimes I get into a bad headspace but this app has really helped me whenever I’m in a bad mood I turn on the app listen to some person taking about breathing and look at cool figures on my phone and it makes me feel so much better I would highly recommend this app it’s worth the money

- man17491

Love it

It didn’t take but five minutes of using this app to buy a yearly subscription. Worth it on so many levels. Easy to manipulate to what I like. Massive library of music, videos, etc.

- NMMI Cadet Mom


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