June 2023

14 Renowned Psychiatrists to Consider in Washington DC

Dive into a curated list of 14 notable psychiatrists in Washington, DC. Learn about their fields of study and how they can aid you in your journey towards emotional well-being.

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The 14 Psychiatric Luminaries in Washington DC: Your Guide to Emotional Wellness

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The 14 Accomplished Psychiatrists in Washington: Your Compass to Mental Health

With a self-care tool like Mesmerize in hand, it's time to meet the professionals who will further aid you on your journey. Washington DC is fortunate to have a wealth of skilled psychiatrists, each with their unique approach and area of expertise. Let's get acquainted with these 14 mental health champions who are ready to guide you towards emotional wellness.

1. Dr. Jeffrey S. Akman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey S. Akman is a seasoned professional in the realm of emotional wellness and a nationally recognized psychiatrist and academic physician executive. Currently serving as the Interim Chair of the GW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, he brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to his practice. A graduate of esteemed institutions like Duke University and The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, he has a solid academic foundation. Dr. Akman's practice, while specializing in LGBTQ emotional wellness, is comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum of adult emotional disturbances. His approach is flexible, employing insight-oriented and psychodynamic psychotherapy and medication treatment when necessary.

2. Dr. Saleha S. Akhtar, MD

With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, Dr. Saleha S. Akhtar stands out as a reliable professional in the field of emotional wellness. Her academic journey led her to Osmania Medical College NTR UHS, where she earned her medical degree. Dr. Akhtar's practice is characterized by its balanced approach to treatment, utilizing a combination of psychotherapy and medications. She has extensive experience diagnosing and treating a variety of emotional disturbances, including depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. Her approach ensures a comprehensive treatment plan for individuals grappling with these and other emotional disturbances.

3. Dr. Esther Bilenkis

Dr. Esther Bilenkis, a relatively new face in the field of emotional wellness, has quickly made a significant impact. Graduating with honors in 2017, she brings a fresh perspective to psychiatric treatment. With over six years of diverse experiences, especially in treating emotional disturbances, Dr. Bilenkis operates an independent practice, Mccd Psychiatry Services Pllc. Her practice is characterized by a comprehensive approach that leverages her vast experience and modern methodologies. Her flexibility and dedication make her an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic approach to emotional wellness.

4. Dr. Jimmy Ibikunle, MD

Dr. Jimmy O. Ibikunle has accumulated vast experience in treating emotional disturbances over the course of his two-decade-long practice. A graduate of the University of Ilorin Faculty of Health Sciences, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice. Dr. Ibikunle's methodology includes a well-balanced mix of psychotherapy and medication, ensuring comprehensive treatment for a variety of emotional disturbances. His extensive experience allows him to diagnose and treat a variety of emotional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and schizophrenia, making him a versatile professional in the field.

5. Dr. Edgar Hernandez, MD

Dr. Edgar I. Hernandez is a certified professional in Adult Psychiatry with over a decade of experience. His practice is as broad as it is deep, with interests ranging from psychopharmacology to interventional psychiatry and medical education. His approach to treatment emphasizes the importance of conversation and patient interaction, bringing a distinctly human touch to his practice. Having completed his general psychiatry residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL, he has extensive experience treating various psychiatric disorders. His particular interest in treatment-resistant mood disorders and the use of technology in healthcare transformation sets him apart as a forward-thinking professional in the field.

6. Dr. Stephen A. Green

In the realm of emotional wellness, Dr. Stephen A. Green has achieved notable distinction. A graduate of the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, he brings over 20 years of experience to his practice in Washington, District of Columbia. His work is distinguished by a judicious blend of psychotherapy and pharmacological treatments, enabling him to diagnose and manage conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. This multidimensional methodology has earned him recognition among his peers and patients alike, establishing him as a trusted provider for those seeking treatment for these disturbances. His commitment to his patient's well-being is evident in the comprehensive support he offers throughout their emotional wellness journey.

7. Dr. Rama Prayaga, MD

Dr. Rama S. Prayaga is an accomplished professional in the field of emotional wellness, drawing on a wealth of experience that spans over two decades. A graduate of Andhra Medical College NTR, his extensive practice is rooted in the use of both psychotherapy and medication. This balanced approach allows him to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of emotional disturbances, including depression, anxiety, substance misuse, and schizophrenia. The depth and breadth of his experience make him a reliable source of support for individuals grappling with these conditions. His consistent dedication to his patients' emotional well-being has established him as a go-to professional in his field.

8. Dr. Sinan Duzyurek

Dr. Sinan Duzyurek is an established figure in the field of emotional wellness, bringing a multidimensional approach and over three decades of clinical experience to his practice. His work encompasses various areas of medicine, including general medicine, neuropsychiatry, and comprehensive adult emotional wellness. He is also proficient in several types of psychotherapy, which he incorporates into his treatment plans alongside biomedical interventions. His holistic approach ensures a well-rounded treatment journey for his patients, addressing not only their immediate symptoms but also the underlying causes of their emotional disturbances. This depth of expertise, combined with his commitment to patient care, makes him an invaluable resource for those seeking emotional wellness.

9. Dr. Ella Hong

Dr. Ella Hong, the force behind Olive Psychiatry, offers a blend of expertise and personal commitment that sets her apart in her field. She completed her residency at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where she worked with a team dedicated to treating medically complicated patients. She also completed a fellowship in the Behavioral Endocrinology Branch at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where she worked to debunk myths about women's emotional wellness and shed light on critical issues. Her practice emphasizes the importance of psychotherapy as a crucial part of the treatment process, advocating for a deeper understanding of self as a means to achieve emotional wellness.

10. Dr. Robert J. DeMayo, MD

A seasoned professional, Dr. Robert J. DeMayo's resume is a testament to his commitment to the field of emotional wellness. His previous roles include serving as president of the California Psychological Association and the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists. His extensive teaching experience and research interests in mood disorders, professional practice issues, and health psychology lend considerable depth to his practice. He continues to engage in active clinical practice and serves as the program director for the Master of Arts in Psychology program. Dr. DeMayo's multifaceted roles and dedication to his field make him an outstanding choice for individuals seeking emotional wellness.

11. Dr. John Beyer MD

Dr. John Beyer directs his efforts towards healing trauma and dissociative disorders, as well as addressing depression and anxiety. He is a staunch advocate of the connection between mind and body as a conduit to recuperation. His offerings include both short and long-term psychotherapy and medication management services, though the latter is only extended to active therapy patients. Dr. Beyer aims to provide a haven for healing, extending empathetic listening and fostering the development of insight. He believes in considering the entire person in treatment, a balanced approach that prioritizes the individual and their internal world.

12. Dr. Jason Rosen, MD

Dr. Jason Rosen, a Board Certified psychiatrist, and psychotherapist, employs a holistic perspective in his practice. He values the distinct experiences of each patient and works with them to formulate treatment plans that can maximize their insight, quality of life, and functioning. His treatment methods are diverse, combining psychotherapy, medication, exercise, meditation, diet, and more. With a background in medical and psychotherapy training, he is well-equipped to manage a variety of concerns from late adolescence to adulthood. Dr. Rosen also has a keen interest in cross-cultural issues, merging Eastern and Western methodologies in his treatment.

13. Dr. Alexa Andewelt, MD

Dr. Alexa Andewelt is a committed professional who is ready to help individuals manage depression, anxiety, and trauma. She conducts extensive two-hour intakes to establish a strong understanding of each patient. Treatment with Dr. Andewelt is cooperative; she educates patients about their brain functions and how treatments will impact them and encourage questions to foster a team dynamic. Her practice treats various conditions but often focuses on depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD. She offers an open line of communication via email, creating a direct and personal connection with her patients.

14. Dr Ajirioghene Igbide, MD

Dr. Ajirioghene Igbide, an esteemed psychiatrist affiliated with Chippenham and Johnston-Willis Hospitals, has over two decades of practice under his belt. A graduate from the University of Benin Faculty of Medicine, his practice is stationed in Washington, District of Columbia. Dr. Igbide diagnoses and provides care for mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and schizophrenia, employing a blend of medications and psychotherapy. His wide-ranging experience has equipped him with the skills to provide balanced and considerate care to his patients, considering their individual needs and preferences in his treatment plans.


So, there you have it - a handy guide to 14 remarkable psychiatrists in Washington. Remember, your journey towards wellness is as unique as you are. It's okay to take your time, ask questions, and make sure you find the right fit. Take the first step today, reach out to one of these professionals, and embrace the path to a healthier, happier you. Washington has got your back with these dedicated healers, ready to guide you through. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Relax with
visual meditation

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Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

30,000+ 5-star reviews

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