June 2023

Top 13 Relaxation Apps for iPhone: Ultimate Stress Relief Guide

Discover the top relaxation apps for the iPhone. These apps offer varied techniques for stress relief, from guided meditation to calming music.

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Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

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Top 13 Relaxation Apps for iPhone That Will Help You Unwind

In our fast-paced world, we could all use a little more relaxation. Imagine having a personal guide to tranquility, a comforting voice in your ear helping you to unwind, or a sleep aid that lulls you into a deep, restorative slumber - all available at the tap of a screen. It sounds enticing, doesn't it?

Luckily, with today's technology, achieving a more balanced, serene lifestyle is easier than ever. Your iPhone can become a powerful tool for managing stress, enhancing sleep, and cultivating mindfulness. We have combed through the vast expanse of the App Store and handpicked the best relaxation apps for the iPhone. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, a meditation novice, or simply someone craving a few moments of peace on a hectic day, you will find an app here to help you on your journey towards mindfulness and serenity.

1. Mesmerize

Discover a whole new world of tranquility with Mesmerize, your new favorite visual meditation app for finding inner peace and relaxation. 

Mesmerize combines captivating colors and stunning animations with soothing audio to create immersive experiences that allow your mind to unwind. These carefully crafted visual journeys are designed to help you de-stress, refocus, and bring balance to your busy life. 

With a wide range of customizable visual patterns and calming soundscapes, Mesmerize is tailored to your unique preferences, making meditation more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

Achieve mindfulness, boost your creativity, get better sleep, improve your mental well-being, and more with this easy-to-use app. Whether you're a meditation newbie or a seasoned zen master, Mesmerize offers an engaging, personalized experience for everyone.

Join the growing community of happy users who have found their zen with Mesmerize. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download and unlock a world of tranquility today.

2. Headspace

Plunge into the serene environment embodied by Headspace. This application acts as your personal navigator through the journey of mindfulness and meditation, offering a wide range of tailored modules addressing issues such as sleep, concentration, and anxiety. With its compelling visual stories and strategically crafted "SOS" modules for immediate support during high-stress instances, Headspace ensures the art of meditation remains accessible and enjoyable for both newcomers and experienced meditators alike. This platform is the perfect ally for anyone intent on prioritizing their mental wellbeing. With Headspace, you're not just acquiring an app, but inviting a state of calm and clarity into your daily existence, promoting greater self-awareness, focus, and overall balance. Embrace the transformative power of mindfulness at your fingertips with Headspace, your personal gateway to peace and equilibrium.

3. Calm

Delve into the comforting environment of Calm, your personal digital retreat. This multifaceted application offers respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, providing solutions to a range of concerns such as tension, rest disruption, and worry. Calm presents a variety of avenues to inner serenity, from guided introspections to soothing narratives, making the pursuit of mental equilibrium both approachable and enjoyable for novices and seasoned users. It also offers "emergency calm" sessions, acting as a beacon during periods of distress. Calm transcends the typical app, inviting you to weave a tapestry of balance and peace into your everyday existence, promoting heightened self-understanding and emotional fortitude.

4. Breethe

In general, the objective behind using Breethe is to cultivate a lifestyle of stability and wellness, fostering personal growth, emotional resilience, and overall satisfaction. Breethe provides different kinds of sessions that address stress release as well as improve a person’s ability to relax through a wide range of guided meditation, soothing soundscapes, and motivational narratives. Besides that, the prompt "SOS'' sessions provide immediate support during challenging situations. All in all, the app serves as a digital sanctuary for emotional rejuvenation, as this comprehensive platform guides users on a journey towards inner respite. 

5. Relax Melodies

Transforming your device into a personalized haven, Relax Melodies provides customized soundscapes to create a serene environment. The app promotes restful downtime and anxiety reduction, making it an invaluable ally in the modern fast-paced world. Relax Melodies caters to beginners seeking comfort and experienced users desiring deeper relaxation. The unique "Instant Relief" feature offers immediate comfort in stressful situations. With Relax Melodies, you are encouraged to cultivate a lifestyle of emotional resilience and heightened self-understanding.

6. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind represents a unique approach to digital wellness. The app provides structured programs and exercises designed to foster positive emotions, self-understanding, and tranquility. With a variety of topics covered, including stress reduction, enhancing downtime, and worry management, Smiling Mind offers a diverse selection of introspections, uplifting stories, and soothing sounds. The journey to personal harmony with Smiling Mind is engaging and fulfilling. The "SOS" feature provides immediate support during difficult times. As a result, Smiling Mind becomes a valuable tool for personal growth, encouraging a lifestyle of contentment and resilience.

7. Buddhify

Buddhify breaks through the digital noise to provide a platform designed for serenity and self-improvement. Using a range of fun exercises, the app presents structured practices and programs targeted at promoting positive emotions and self-understanding. Covering a broad spectrum of topics from tension release, enhancing downtime, to worry management, Buddhify offers a versatile range of introspections, inspiring stories, and harmonic soundtracks. The journey towards personal harmony becomes engaging and fulfilling with Buddhify, making it a dependable ally during trying times. The utilization of Buddhify becomes a valuable tool for personal growth, fostering a lifestyle of resilience and satisfaction.

8. Noisli

Noisli stands out as a unique digital environment offering a blend of customizable ambient sounds aimed at creating a personal space for comfort and productivity. Users who want to lessen stress, improve downtime, and control worrying sentiments can benefit from this creative program. Whether you are a creative professional seeking inspiration, a student aiming for higher productivity, or someone simply seeking a quiet retreat, Noisli's selection of calming soundscapes caters to all. The application also includes a timer feature, promoting efficient time management during tasks. Integrating Noisli into your daily routine encourages a lifestyle of productivity, emotional resilience, and overall well-being.

9. Sattva

Sattva breaks through the norm with its unique blend of ancient techniques and modern technology. This app introduces users to a variety of activities, chants, and mantras meant to promote a healthy emotional state and self-understanding. Sattva offers a flexible selection of introspections and calming sounds, covering a wide range of issues from stress relief to worry management. In addition, the app includes a series of motivational stories that are both engaging and inspiring. By integrating Sattva into your routine, you are investing in your personal growth and emotional strength, fostering a lifestyle of satisfaction and wellness.

10. Pzizz

Pzizz brings a unique approach to enhancing rest and stress alleviation through sound. This distinctive application utilizes the science behind psychoacoustics to generate a mix of music, voiceover, and sound effects aimed at promoting optimal rest cycles and reducing daily tensions. With a myriad of themes to choose from, Pzizz caters to a range of user needs, from rest enhancement to anxiety management. The app's engaging mix of soundscapes and narratives offers a fulfilling and beneficial experience for all. By offering immediate assistance during challenging moments through its quick-help tool, Pzizz proves to be a reliable companion. In general, regular use of Pzizz promotes a life of fortitude, personal development, and gratitude.

11. Aura

Enter the restorative universe of Aura, a mobile sanctuary for personal growth and self-reflection. This intuitive app serves as your personal mentor, offering tailored introspective sessions, life coaching, and tales suited to your individual needs and tastes. Aura assists in tension management, enhances concentration, and provides mechanisms for worry alleviation through its diverse programs. Its immediate "Breath" sessions are designed for quick relief during stressful moments. Aura goes beyond being an app - it is a pathway to a more harmonious lifestyle, enabling you to foster a deep sense of self-awareness, mental toughness, and overall contentment.

12. Happify

Happify invites you on a journey towards personal satisfaction and emotional well-being. Rooted in the principles of positive psychology, this digital platform offers a variety of activities and games aimed at improving one’s mental fortitude. These activities' diverse themes cover subjects like anxiety management, stress reduction, and maximizing the quality of downtime. Happify's unique blend of interactive engagements, motivational narratives, and soothing sounds offers an enriching and enjoyable path for all users.

13. Insight Timer

Begin your voyage towards personal harmony with Insight Timer, your digital partner in the quest for self-improvement. It provides a spectrum of thematic courses addressing various elements of mental wellbeing, including anxiety management, focus enhancement, and anxiety control. With a diverse selection of guided introspections and a vast library of harmonic audio tracks, Insight Timer opens the door to a soothing personal journey accessible to everyone. Its unique "Urgent Care" sessions offer a safety net during trying times. In essence, Insight Timer acts as a bridge to achieving a balanced mental state, fostering an enriched sense of self and overall well-being.


Choosing the right app may seem daunting with the vast array of options available, but this curated list of the top relaxation apps for iPhone serves as your compass, guiding you to a more serene, balanced life. These apps hold the potential to transform your smartphone from a source of distraction into a tool for tranquility. Whether you are seeking a soothing sleep soundscape, a personalized meditation experience, or an interactive platform to foster positive thinking, there is an app here tailored to your needs.

Relax with
visual meditation

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Rated 4.8/5 stars with 30,000+ reviews

30,000+ 5-star reviews

Better than Headspace!

I canceled my subscription with Headspace and I now pay for Mesmerize instead. I was hooked after the free trial! I love how customizable the sounds, meditations, and visuals are! Using this app has honestly become my favorite part of my day! ☺️ It helps me relax, meditate, visualize, sleep, and it does wonders for my anxiety/phobia/ocd tendencies. Thank you Mesmerize for giving us this amazing mental health tool! I told my therapist about this app and have been telling all my friends too. It’s just so helpful!

- swayedstars

The Art of Zen

This is the second or third app in the mindfulness and meditation realm, and it’s the most scientific approach I have found. I have found these combinations of open monitoring, and focused attention meditation techniques are the most viable for those suffering from more severe forms of sleep, pain, and anxiety dysfunction one may be suffering from. Many of these approaches are used by professionals in a cognitive behavioral therapy setting. A truly complete approach in mindfulness and meditation.

- pastduebeautyqueen


I suffer from clinical depression and sometimes I get into a bad headspace but this app has really helped me whenever I’m in a bad mood I turn on the app listen to some person taking about breathing and look at cool figures on my phone and it makes me feel so much better I would highly recommend this app it’s worth the money

- man17491

Love it

It didn’t take but five minutes of using this app to buy a yearly subscription. Worth it on so many levels. Easy to manipulate to what I like. Massive library of music, videos, etc.

- NMMI Cadet Mom


Uniquely hypnotic visuals that clear your mind
Meditations for sleep, anxiety, depression and more
Soothing psycho-acoustic music to help you relax
Visual Breathing mode that helps you meditate
Sleepy stories designed to help you doze off quickly
Sleep timer, visualisation speed control and more

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